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Three Classic Failures To Guard Against

Three Parent Failures

These are the three classic failures that parents need to guard against for their child’s success in adulthood:

  1. Failure to prepare for a Christian marriage (typical consequences are: marrying an unbelieving spouse, not wanting children, problems with child rearing)
  2. Failure to prepare for productive work (typical consequences are: work skills that have low $ value or low charity help to others, struggling with basic household skills, discouraging & grinding daily work)
  3. Failure to prepare for higher education with a purpose (typical consequences are: high college debt, corrupted by immorality on campus, useless degree)

The website is about protecting you from failure #2.


Copy Best Learning Examples

Cherry Pick from The Best Learning Examples

“Cherry pick” the best of other people’s learning styles and adapt them to fit your custom 10,000 hours of talent building for your child. Because you homeschool, you can afford to pick and choose only the best and thereby avoid mediocrity right from the beginning. To do this you have to accept that it is rare to find in one individual all the learning patterns and examples you need to copy, so be prepared to get aggressive about acquiring tips and tricks from many different sources. One family may excel at extracting learning opportunities when out in nature while another may excel at mathematical learning techniques. Copy those friends ONLY in those areas of learning where they excel.

Online Doodling and Sketching Course

Learn Doodling Online

Unless your goal is to turn your 10,000 hours of talent into an art focus, then all the sketching ability your child will need can be easily satisfied by an online art doodling course. Our homeschooling family has been following the Mark Kistler drawing program and I’m happy to report you can now get free online lessons at Mark Kistler Online Video Art Academy. You can also order the hardcopy sketching and doodling program entitled Mark Kistler’s Draw Squad and Drawing in 3D with Mark Kistler . This will give your child the confidence he needs to sketch out his ideas and visually document the concepts he is assimilating.

Collect Images of Your Talent Online

1952 Bowman Baseball Cards

Got a Talent Card Collection of your own? 1952 Bowman Baseball Cards (Photo credit: Baseball Collection)

Baseball Card image collections for your child’s talent would be a great way to build visual and emotional excitement for your son or daughter. How can you do that when your focus is actually NOT about building 10,000 hours of talent toward a baseball career? There’s a simple answer: use one of the many new Social Media tools available on the Internet. Two very popular tools for creating and sharing image collections are and

Create an account under your name for your child if he is not old enough to open one under his own authority.

Focus – Don’t Excel at Everything


Archery 1

Focus on a Talent - Choosing a Target Means Letting Go of Other Goals (Photo credit: sjkcle)

Don’t have your child try to excel at everything he does in pursuit of building 10,000 hours of talent.


There are some building block activities that contribute toward  your child’s talent, but not every activity should be pursued to a level of world-class performance. For example, one of my children is interested in minerals and would profit from learning how to use a  microscope to study his material at a deeper level. However he would not gain by becoming an expert in microscopes. Added expertise, beyond proficiency, would only detract him from focusing and building up his core interest.

Six Benefits to the Talent Mentor

The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid - a Talent Mentor story (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your talent mentor will get these benefits from helping your child:

  1. he impacts the future
  2. he gains camaraderie from an energetic & respectful younger person
  3. he looks good to professional peers for his ability to transfer talent
  4. he gets an opportunity to teach
  5. he gets an opportunity to give
  6. he has his own personal Go-fer!