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Survey Results on Which Topics Do You Need the Most Help With as Parents of Talented Children

topics need most help march 2013


Results (March 2103) of the survey from the readers of my newsletter regarding the question:

Which topics do you need the most help with?

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Survey Results on Your Biggest Fear about Talent Development in Your Child

biggest fear march 2013Results (March 2013) of the survey from the readers of my newsletter regarding the question:

What is your biggest fear as it relates to talent development?

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Topics Covered by the 10ktoTalent Website

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The website will focus on topics that help parents find a way to develop talent in their child’s life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The website will cover these topics for parents who want to develop talent in their child’s life:

  • How a child can find a talent to develop
  • How to craft a strategy for 10,000 hours of talent development
  • How a child’s talent can support him financially in his adult life
  • Tips and methods for accelerating talent development
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Five Common Fears Parents Have About Talent Development for their Child

The Twa Corbies (or The Two Ravens)

Is there a primary fear that’s holding you back as a parent in developing talent in your child’s life? ( The Two Ravens Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Five common fears parents have about talent development for their child:

  1. Fear: My child will have an education and degree, but not talent and no income
  2. Fear: My child can’t find a talent on which to focus
  3. Fear: My child can’t derive financial benefit in his adult life from his talent
  4. Fear: I can’t find enough time or resources to develop a true talent for my child
  5. Fear: My child might get caught up with other talented people, but who also live an unsavory lifestyle
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Child Should Blog to Document His Learning Process


Document the talent learning process with a blog

Your child should document his talent learning process with a blog for three very good reasons.

Encourage your child to blog to document his learning process on the subject of his talent. Do not have him limit himself to just the final results and success stories of his talent development. Why should you encourage him to journal his learning in a public way?

There are three reasons to blog:

  1. Blogging will train him to speak in his own unique voice.
  2. Blogging will help him be self-aware and take ownership of his own learning path.
  3. Blogging will show potential mentors in his field of talent that he has the kind of motivation and seriousness that is deserving of their expert attention.

Quick 21 Blog Post Ideas for Child’s Talent


Do you want to help your child find blog post ideas related to his talent interest? Grab a pen, sit him down, and ask him for seven questions about his talent that he wish he knew the answer to. Then take each of those questions and turn those into three smaller questions. If he researches and summarizes his finding on each of those questions, he will have content for 21 blog posts. Rinse and repeat for more ideas.

Ask God for Wisdom to Develop Talent in Your Child


Pray to ask God that He specifically give you wisdom on how to develop a life of talent in your child. If you want to know, He will tell you. As you pray, you can expect that opportunities will appear that did not appear before. You can also expect that in some instances He will give you personal peace about any fears you may have. In other cases, you can also expect that you will start understanding some connections in your child’s life that you did not understand before. Keep asking for specifics so God can either change your mind to a better thinking or to change the circumstances to get your desired outcome.

Share How to Move Forward Even in the Face of Unknown


Talk specifically to your child about your personal strategy for developing his talent and explain the whys and hows of your thinking. Taking the time to explain out-loud your reasoning is a great way to model for him thinking patterns on how to plan for the future, even in the face of many unknowns. Sometimes talk with a big picture view of things, other times with just the near future in mind. If he is still very young, he will tend to not ask much, but just light up with excitement knowing that you are that interested in the details of his near and distant future. If he is older, you are going to see his commitment and decision making powers rev up because he knows his own father acts and moves forward even in the face of many unknown variables.

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With Fire in Your Belly or Just Sort-of-Wanting It?


Do you sort-of-want it? or do you really want it? We are warned in the Bible about approaching God in matters that require wisdom with a half-baked desire to figure it out. We are told that God wants to give us wisdom, but we are also told that He will just as soon withhold it from us if we are timid about this whole affair of getting understanding. In short, He wants us to want wisdom like we really mean it. So if you are looking for wisdom on how to develop talent in your child’s life, are you REALLY wanting it with fire in your belly?

Head Down, Pencil Up

“Head down, pencil up” will get you into trouble as a parent planning for the future of your child if you don’t periodically look up to reassess how the market and culture is changing. Dan Miller, author of “48 Days to the Work You Love“,  in one of his recent podcasts, describes a situation where a high level executive was suddenly let go after 26 years of employment in the same field. What was sad, is that even though the changes in the market place were obvious, he had not taken the time to lift his head up from the day to day of his work to see how changes would affect his career. He had made no plans of his own to deal with the change and now he is really out of time. Don’t do the same to your child – lift up your head today and start implementing those curriculum changes ASAP.

Market Niche for Your Child’s Talent

FORTIS Flieger Chronograph

Looking for an amazing 30-day crash course online that happens to be free? Find a money making niche for your child’s talent (Photo credit: gus27 on Wikipedia)

For the last seven years, “the 30 Day Challenge” has been a free yearly online course that walks you through discovering your business niche that allows you to sell from home over the Internet. The lead host, Ed Dale, is an amazing presenter and the materials are presented in such way that high-school aged students can easily follow along. Why do I recommend that you as a parent sign-up? It will open up your eyes to the amazing opportunities that appear when you have a method for uncovering niches for your child’s talent. This information is online, up-to-date, free and cannot be found even in University classes.

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