Change the Name of Child’s Talent Over Time

Yoyo whiz Sterling Quinn (14 years old at the ...

Yoyo whiz Sterling Quinn (14 years old at the time of this photo) shows off his stuff at Bumbershoot (Photo credit: Wikipedia; Attribution: Joe Mabel)

Give a name to your twelve year old’s beginning talent. But don’t give a name yet to your child’s final talent destination, the one that will launch him into the world several years from now. Don’t give it a name yet, because you don’t and cannot know how his talent will evolve from its first 100 hours all the way through to its full 10,000 hours of development. Maybe his first talent name is “YoYo Entertainer” because he is able to delight his friends and relatives at gatherings and birthday parties with his YoYo tricks. But as he acquires other skills, his final talent destination may take him to a place where his talent title becomes “Physics Entertainer – teaching science online through the power of toys”.

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