Daily Routines that Make Sense for Talented Homeschoolers


My son Caleb checking up on our recently updated daily routine that includes some of the standard type courses from the online Ron Paul Curriculum.

Sanity: it’s about creating a daily routine that makes sense because it has a purpose. That’s where I do build in a daily routine for outright pure talent focused activities, independent of whether or not it ties into standard school curriculum. Into the daily routine, I also make room for standard type courses – but I do NOT allow them to dictate the direction of where all this schooling and learning is going to take my sons. For example, if you acquire a superbly designed grammar course and you don’t dominate and dictate its role in your child’s overall plans, you will soon find that the author’s goals will try to crowd out you and your child’s goals. Without you meaning to, the grammar expert speaking through your curriculum starts trying to take direction of your child’s time and priorities. Don’t let that happen. Stay in control as the parent. Instead make that course sit timidly in the corner of the room to come into your child’s schedule only at your beck-and-call.


    • Rebecca, I emailed you directly so you can give me some details on the age of your child and what kind of scheduling difficulties you are running into. Best wishes, Jonathan.