Develop Child’s Talents to the Maximum

Silver crown of William III, dated 1695.

Ability or Talent is Meant to be Invested and Multiplied (Silver crown of William III, dated 1695. - Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are creating something of great additional value that others can recognize and desire, then it is a fair and wonderful human activity to be able trade your talent for someone else’s goods and talent. This enriches you and the other person by enabling you both to achieve greater physical prosperity and greater professional satisfaction. Exercising one’s potential talent to the maximum is everyone’s dream, but it often requires one to be able to start early, in childhood. It is a beautiful serendipity of words that the English Bible term for money is “talent” in the Parable-of-the-Talents and that the modern meaning of talent is one’s ability or skill developed to a high point of proficiency. A child’s talent could be developed to such a point that it can also provide for him in his adult life and not be just merely something to be exercised as a hobby on the weekends.