Five Talent Tips for Your Child

Develop the components that make up your talent, not just the visible, public side of your talent in action

  1. Practice and study a lot, but don’t do it for more than four hours of intense focus per day as your body and mind won’t gain beyond that.
  2. Break down the components of your talent and improve on those so you don’t give all your time to just the public, visible part of your talent.
  3. Borrow tricks and methods from other fields of activity and use them to boost your developing talent in new and unusual ways.
  4. Combine skills from different areas of life so that you create a new and unique talent that has not yet been standardized into a common job title.
  5. Constantly look for ways to apply your talent in a way helpful to others so you are not inadvertently becoming very good at something no one will want from you.