From Pearl to Diamond Daughters


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Pearls, diamonds, they are all wonderful. But if you could take your daughter to diamond level, would you do it? (Photo credit: Upupa4me)

Many do well by raising their daughters to be pearls of great attraction. A few parents will exceed even that by deciding that they will then take their daughters to the diamond level before they graduate from home. I asked my wife what she thought would be ***practical examples*** of what a diamond level girl could do as compared to a pearl level daughter. Here below are some quick examples of what she came up with. Do you notice how the difference would be due to having a development plan for a homemaking talent in place instead of passively acquiring curriculum knowledge?


A daughter who is a “Pearl” is soft, beautiful, and known for her tender luster; she must be careful that the wrong environment does not take advantage of her and crush her.


…but a Diamond is a strong, bright, hard; can handle changes well, but is still beautiful to look at; you can easily delegate to her and she doesn’t wilt in a time of crisis.


Pearl: can put together a nutritious meal together, on time


…but a Diamond could do this: can entertain guests with ease on an hour’s notice using resources on hand


Pearl: can initiate thoughtful handwritten thank-you notes


…but a Diamond could do this: maintain church and family relationships through encouraging and informative newsletters and blogs


Pearl: can make preserves, jams, and jellies for her family from produce picked in her garden


…but a Diamond could do this: coordinate, manage and teach food preservation skills for local food exchange club


Pearl: can sell handmade jewelry at local craft shows


…but a Diamond could do this: carefully research a country-wide market demand for special wool socks and then run an e-bay store targeted to a specific customer group; selling socks whose knitting was outsourced to other homemakers.



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