Join Online Forum for Talent

Gathering in bar or club

Have your son or daughter join an online forum related to his talent. This is how he can listen in on the experts at a young age.  (Photo credit: Boston Public Library)

Have your son or daughter join an online Internet forum that discusses your child’s talent. Look for one that is actively enforcing a code of conduct by making sure that newcomers are sticking to the topic at hand and willing to ban those who won’t participate respectfully. The best forums are probably those run by adults and professionals in their trade. It is not a bad idea for your child to already have his talent blog under way as it makes easier to get approved to participate. My son Caleb is a member of one such forum for bladesmiths and is learning daily from the interaction of older and more expert.

There are over 7,000 members on this forum from around the world dedicated to bladesmithing and to sharing and learning from one another. There is no local club that he could join as a substitute. Your child will find camaraderie and motivation and free advice by joining such a forum.

So you can appreciate the breadth and depth of a dedicated online forum, here are some of the statistics on the number of topics covered in my son’s forum:

Hot Work
This forum is to replace the old hot work and bladesmithing forum. Please post new topics here.
  • 1,160 topics
  • 10,693 replies
Bloomers and Buttons
For the growing field of smelting iron and steel. This forum is open to crucible and bloomery discussions.
  • 718 topics
  • 8,648 replies
Beginners Place
All “newbies” / beginners, please post your questions in this forum. Thanks.
  • 2,437 topics
  • 18,605 replies
Tools and Tool Making
The tools of the trade and how to make them.
  • 2,278 topics
  • 19,649 replies
Fit and Finish
Discussion, tips, tricks and questions about finishing.
  • 846 topics
  • 6,707 replies
Sheaths and Leatherwork
Because every blade needs a sheath.
  • 53 topics
  • 308 replies
Carving and Applied Arts
Discussion of techniques related to decorative arts such as carving, engraving, chasing, repousse, filing etc.
  • 82 topics
  • 724 replies
Metallurgy and other enigmas
Questions and discussions about heat treating.
  • 1,100 topics
  • 9,742 replies
Heat Treating by Alloy
A catalog of methods for proper heat treatment of blade steels arranged by particular alloy
  • 6 topics
  • 10 replies
The Way
Open discussion about it all.
  • 1,779 topics
  • 18,126 replies
Firey Beards
A Place for Smithing TomFoolery
  • 413 topics
  • 5,945 replies
Books, Videos, and other Media
Post your book/video and other media type recommendations here.
Links to interesting articles / websites.
Anything related to the craft.
  • 172 topics
  • 1,021 replies
Tools, Supplies and Materials
A place to sell and where to find materials and supplies. This forum is intend for the use of our members and is not for commercial purposes.
  • 1,301 topics
  • 6,936 replies
Events of Interest
Post your classes, hammerins, shows and events of interest.
  • 617 topics
  • 5,428 replies