Excerpt from Blog to Your Talent e-course (lesson 10)

Excerpt from the up-coming e-course “BLOG TO YOUR TALENT” with e-guide and videos.

Lesson 10: Provides Immediate Access to Sources

Blogging has a direct source advantage over normal essay writing. Through a blog you can provide web links to online resources that you recommend. These would be resources that the reader could use to get more details to inform himself further or possibly act on. You are doing your reader a great favor because you are taking the effort to filter for him the best links available. If you take care to provide useful links, your reader will gradually come to respect
you as a well-connected and careful person in your field of talent.

Take Action

Write a post entitled “Resources I like for [name of talent]” and list the current Internet links where you like to visit for your talent. Write a one line description of what each resource is about. Expect to update this post over time with more links as you discover more useful resources.

See this idea in action

Resources I like: