List of Videos to Blog to Your Talent

Welcome to Videos for Blog to Your Talent e-guide


Lesson 1: So Others Can Find You


Lesson 2: Engages You Daily


Lesson 3: Demonstrates You Are Able to Learn


Lesson 4: Trains Your Writing to Have Purpose


Lesson 5: Develops Your Voice


Lesson 6: Connects You With Others


Lesson 7: Creates Your Portfolio


Lesson 8: Visually Shows Others


Lesson 9: Talks Directly to Readers


Lesson 10: Provides Immediate Access to Sources


Lesson 11: Readers Can Leave You Feedback


Lesson 12: Readers Can Search Your Blog


Lesson 13: Always Available


Lesson 14: You Can Go Back in Time


Lesson 15: Look in Traditional Places


Lesson 16: Look in Wikipedia


Lesson 17: Look in Google


Lesson 18: Look at Video and Internet Pictures


Lesson 19: Look in Online Forums


Lesson 20: Look at You Did


Lesson 21: Summarize What You Have Learned


Lesson 22: Insert Your Reaction


Lesson 23: Focus On One Point (Blog to Your Talent)


Lesson 24: Get To the Point


Lesson 25: Craft a Hook


Lesson 26: Set Yourself a Boundary


Lesson 27: Aim for a Posting Frequency


Lesson 28: Not Capitalizing Proper Nouns


Lesson 29: Not Using Commas


Lesson 30: Post is Too Long


Lesson 31: Too Many Important Points


Lesson 32: Still Using the Same Pronoun


Lesson 33: Starting a Thought, But Not Finishing It


Lesson 34: Not Explaining Jargon


Lesson 35: Be Tricky


Lesson 36: Drown Readers with Irrelevant Details


Lesson 37: Apologize for What is Not Your Responsibility


Lesson 38: Be Cruel With Words When Trying to Be Funny


Lesson 39: Do Not Respect the Titles of Others


Lesson 40: Spend Too Much Time on Dark Details


Lesson 41: Misspell Obvious Words


Lesson 42: Do Not Use Images, Video, or Audio


Conclusion (Blog to Your Talent)