No Talent Allowed


Is it always no-room and no-time allowed for your child’s talent to be developed when you are using your homeschool curriculum? It’s time to high-jack textbooks to make them serve your child.


How much of your curriculum is directly supporting some kind of progress of your child’s talent? Is it 80%, 50%, 20%? If you are using an off-the-shelf standard curriculum, then thousands of hours are draining away into maintaining your child into an “average” child with no room for his talent. But there is good news, you can high-jack your curriculum without having to get permission from anyone. Do you know how to do it?


  1. Jonathan, 10K to Talent for Kids is awesome. We had been trying to teach responsibility and work ethics. But, with your help, building our children’s talent was that missing piece of the puzzle that we were looking for. We were stuck in the old fashioned traditional way of doing this or that curriculum because it was “good”. By altering our school day, the way you taught us, to include building the kids interests into a real talent that leads to mastery, we are helping our kids to be independent and successful adults. Thanks.

    • Marcee, I have been excited to see what your children are doing lately with using blogging to develop their skills. Thanks for the positive feedback! Happy talent journey.
      – Jonathan.