Not a Random Process for Talent Discovery

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Do you have a map for discovering the talent in your children or are you going to randomly check out several thousand beaches? Get your Talent Guide! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once you understand that you can start deliberately planning for a life long talent in each one of your children, it becomes a very exciting lifestyle for everyone in the family. It is no longer a random process for the parents or the child.

In order to get started working on a talent, the key is to latch onto something tangible for your child.

Therefore, creating a focus of interest on which your child can build the first 100 hours of a talent is the outcome of the workshop I provide in the guide “How to Discover and Develop Your Child’s First 100 Hours of Talent.”

When you have a process, then you will not have your child waste his time with what might really turn out to be:

  • a party trick
  • a quaint hobby
  • or a distraction to fill your child’s spare time

Instead with the right plan on how your child can build himself a real talent, he is  going to at the same time be able to:

  • create value for other people
  • rise above the crowd
  • and live a professional life with passion

Don’t invent the process from scratch, because you can get the right process now from here:

“How to Discover and Develop Your Child’s First 100 Hours of Talent”


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