Online Writer Forum for Homeschoolers

I recommend the One Year Adventure Novel forum for homeschooled students who are serious about developing story writing skills as part of a long-term talent. The forum will do wonders for the son or daughter who no longer wants to feel alone in the serious pursuit of talent. You will not find a similar local writing club in your area composed of dedicated teenagers.

This forum is designed to young people who are writing their first novel and want a community of equally motivated peers to provide moral support and share writing techniques and tips. But in order to participate in this adult moderated forum for teenagers, you must sign-up and pay for the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum. The curriculum is designed to get your child to produce a real novel that takes advantage of their first-hand knowledge while following a strategic approach to writing, but the forum itself is more along the coffeehouse format of passionate young writers all sharing ideas with with each other.

To appreciate the magnitude of the support available for your child on this forum of almost 3,000 registered members, here are some the forum topics and statistics:

Character Development

Bring your characters to life.

  • 58 topics
  • 10,668 replies

Collective Novel

Join with other writers in producing a novel. One book by many authors.

  • 147 topics
  • 27,745 replies

Contests & Conferences

  1. NaNoWriMo

Links and information about contests and conferences open to young writers.

  • 153 topics
  • 8,767 replies

Ask the Teacher

Questions about writing you’d like to ask Mr. Schwabauer? Ask here.

  • 1,310 topics
  • 14,324 replies

The Writing Life

Thoughts on writing from Mr. S.

  • 10 topics
  • 479 replies

Story Ideas

Kick around story ideas that need shaping. Give and get help on a novel outline.

  • 1,173 topics
  • 18,404 replies

Novel Critiques

Post a chapter from your novel. Read and comment on the work of your peers.

  • 1,661 topics
  • 42,704 replies

Other Critiques – poetry

Writing something other than a novel? Get and give feedback on short stories, screenplays, poems, etc. here.

  • 1,935 topics
  • 23,389 replies

Book Discussions

Talk about books you love or hate.

  • 651 topics
  • 26,579 replies

Book Reviews

Review your favorite (or not-so-favorite) books. Check out what other people think about books they’ve read.

  • 261 topics
  • 8,017 replies

Movie Reviews

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of various movies and how they were written. Focus on the Story.

  • 695 topics
  • 60,368 replies

OYANers’ Art Gallery

  • 474 topics
  • 37,096 replies

Knights of the Brotherhood of Narnia

  1. KotBoN Assignments

Royal Servants of the OYAN Realm

  • 7 topics
  • 851 replies