Podcast Episode: Why Parents Overlook Hidden Assets

Hello friends of 10ktoTalent!

Welcome to the very first podcast by Jonathan Harris discussing talent development in children. Listen to a conversation between me and my wife, Renee, as we discuss why it is that so many parents will overlook the hidden assets in their life in favor of staying average.


  1. Toutes mes félicitations ! Je viens juste de finir d’écouter ce tout nouveau podcast. Particulièrement fascinant, intéressant et instructif. Je n’ai aucun doute sur le fait que ce podcast va être un gros succès. J’attends avec impatience les épisodes suivants. Et maintenant pour ceux qui ne lisent pas le français :

    Congratulations! I have just finished listening to this brand new series. It’s so fascinating, interesting and informative. I am pretty sure that this podcast will be a huge success. I look forward to future episodes. Thank you so much for that materiel.

    By the way, my American English is now good enough (thanks to you) to notice you spoke about me in your podcast.