Reeling-In the Solution to Fix Lack-of-Motivation

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By unraveleing the source of your child’s lack of motivation, you can reel-in the solution to your problem. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unraveling the problem backwards:

  • My child has no motivation to study
  • Because there is no unifying theme to do the study work
  • Because is there is no clear purpose for the study
  • Because there is no talent goal to give it purpose
  • Because there is no time spent planning for a talent
  • Because there are too many group-activities and side-hobbies that clog the mind and use up the time
  • Because as a parent I’m worried about what other parents will think if I don’t have my child experience all the same group-activities that everyone else is doing

Reeling it all back in, we find that we have the solution to your child’s lack of motivation:

  • As a parent, I will deliberately read-up and follow what the best minds have to say about talent development
  • To give me strength and confidence to know I am putting my child on a much better path
  • To emotionally allow me to pull back on group-sports and miscellaneous hobbies
  • To free-up time to truly explore the potential for a viable long-term talent in my child’s life
  • To give me the fodder needed to come up with a talent development plan for the next few months
  • To give my child something into which he can really sink his teeth
  • To give me the framework needed to help me eliminate, re-organize, and re-purpose our existing curriculum to support my child’s talent
  • To finally give my child that deep motivation I so badly want for him to have in his life.
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