Struggle Rewires the Brain for Talent

EEG with 32 elektrodes

Your child’s brain rewires itself to be faster and better the more he decides to struggle and work through a specific skill. It is the struggle itself that creates the improvement for his talent.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Teach your child to believe that it is in fact the struggle and the wrestling that is growing his brain to match the talent he wants to have. Teach him to disbelieve the popular, but completely FALSE notion that as soon as something is not easy, it therefore must mean he should not pursue that talent.

Unfortunately, as parents if we buy into that popular false notion then we will automatically assume that what is first easy thing to do (hey, look honey, we can sign up Billy into soccer camp!) and irrelevant (wow, I can have Susie learn to play the Ukelele because old Mrs. Winston is providing cheap lessons on Thursdays) is what their long term talent will be.

This is the truth about the stages of learning and talent:
1) learning the basics of a talent is a struggle
2) your brain changes in response to your effort and practice and rewards you by gradually and literally rewiring your brain for those particular tasks
4) eventually what was difficult becomes so effortless that it frees you to no have to think about the lower skill levels of your talent
5) friends and relatives then think your child was born with that gift without giving you or your child credit for all the hard work and planning you put in

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