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Raising Godly Tomatoes (book recommendation)

organic Heirloom tomatoes at Slow Food Nation'... is one of the best Christian guides on how to raise children. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The best book on parenting and child discipline that I can recommend to other parents is this one:

Raising Godly Tomatoes” by Elizabeth Krueger

It is really worth reading if you have children in the household from newborn to pre-teen as it will make an enormous difference to your parenting experience. Not only does it have the explanations down correctly, it is backed up by many, many examples, of how to do it. And this book passes my “man” test. There are many Christian books on the market about parenting, but most of the ones I’ve seen fall short. Most books are either too theoretical to be make a practical difference or they are overly sentimental and over- nurturing, so that no self-respecting man could operate in the way it is suggested. However, the “Raising Godly Tomatoes” book is so good, that my wife and I have purchased a stack of these books so that we give them away to friends who are looking for ways to do it much better than the way they were raised. You can also read the entire book online for free!

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Three Types of People–Which One Is Your Child?

Start-up office's hall

In his adult life, your child will likely be acting mainly as just ONE of the three types of people that Gerber explains are needed to make work life function. (Photo credit: Aleksandar Ratkovic and

Guest Post by Levi Heiple:

In 1986, Michael E. Gerber wrote a groundbreaking business book called The E-Myth. This was later revised and published as the more famous E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to do About It. The book is regarded for its insights on how to plan, manage, and grow a small start-up business and turn it into a franchise business. “Work on your business, not in your business” was the key motto.

However, one insight that is just as powerful, yet often overlooked, is Gerber’s insight into human personality.

Gerber writes that inside each of us is really three different persons:

  • The entrepreneur – dreams and plans for the future and sees opportunities
  • The manager – craves order and pragmatically solves problems
  • The technician – enjoys work in the present and loves to get things done

The idea of three persons in one should sound familiar to anyone acquainted with biblical theology. The Scripture teaches that God is trinitarian: the Father who plans and wills all things (the entrepreneur), Christ whom was given all things and brings all things under subjection according to the Father’s will (the manager), and the Holy Spirit who carries out the will of God in the present (the technician). Since humans are made in the image of God, it should make perfect sense to biblical thinkers that we find a trinitarian aspect within our own personhood.

Though we each have a three-in-one aspect to our personalities, we will find that people tend to have a dominant “person” that directs their behavior. Identifying which aspect is dominant in your child can be a critical component in structuring his education process.

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