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How do you get someone to read your messages? ( or how your child can build a following)

I interviewed Jack Reamer, a real world writing consultant for business people. You turn to him if you want to learn how to write emails that others will want to open and read.

Have you noticed how hard it is to get others to read the message in your mail unless you already have a very close relationship?

Most school curriculum and college prep courses will not teach you in a way that others will actually listen to what you have to say.

Traditional courses do teach you some very clever and sophisticated writing techniques, but those will not get you read.

But Jack says the mistake is to write too cleverly and too much in the first messages. 

Jack Reamer explains how and why a different approach to writing gets you to your goal of communicating and connecting to your intended audience of readers.

I asked him to unpack it in this recorded interview in a way that a young man or young woman who already has a talent (do you know what your son’s talent is?) could start building a following of readers by email.


Jonathan Harris

P.S. The show notes will link to Jack’s top recommended books that teach you how to write messages that get read. Visit here: