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Cautionary Tales Protect From Danger

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In every field of human endeavor there are real dangers, physical, emotional, and moral. It is better to learn about those specific dangers early on to avoid experiencing the painful consequences of wrong decisions. Cautionary Tales are a good way for your child to hear and assimilate the consequences of such dangers.

An excellent source for Cautionary Tales can be found in the biographies of famous talented people that are in your child’s field of interest. Another excellent source is from older and very experienced talented individuals who can scare you with stories of colleagues who lost an arm to a saw after failing to get enough sleep or of a friend who lost a lifetime of savings because they signed a contract without first getting advice. It can also be hearing about social boundaries that were not respected, such as about the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who even though was immensely successful in his talent, had completely failed morally with his wife and children. His friends testified to his tragic failings, even while acknowledging his immense architectural talent.

Another place for your son or daughter to hear about cautionary tales is in the online forums or meetups where people of a similar talent congregate. Recently, my son who has an interest in bladesmithing, heard of a tragic ending to someone who disregarded the direction of the wheel turning during the final phase of buffing a blade. The knife then got accidentally caught in the high-velocity upward motion of the wheel and fatally impaled the worker. Result of taking shortcuts: immediate death. Having heard that, my son is now always making sure the wheel is working in the right direction. The cautionary tale served its purpose.

Scare them straight.



Updated May 2014

Fairy Tale Treats For You

Dear Friends of 10ktoTalent,

I have a treat I want to share with you. Here below is a list of 15 of my favorite fairy tales that have beautiful illustrations. They have made me and my younger children smile over the years. I have read and enjoyed hundreds of fairy tales, but these are the top ones that also include gorgeous visuals or whimsical graphics. It is sure to please girls and boys from ages to 4 to 12 years of age.

The first column is the name of the fairy tale, the second column is the author or illustrator, and the third is the ISBN number. Make sure you use the ISBN if you can because they are so many retellings of the stories that without the numbers you might not find the ones I recommend. You can plug the ISBN number into Amazon and many other online books search tools to get the exact version I am referring to.

If you are going on vacation or wanted to treat a friend with a box of sure-fire fairy tale classics, this is the surprise box of books I would send them. Click on my affiliate link to Amazon and use the list below if you want to skip through the inferior ones on the market (forget the ones for example that are re-told by celebrities). Go straight to the good ones.

The Little Red Hen Jerry Pinkney 0803729359
Rumpelstiltskin Paul Zelinsky 0525442650
Rapunzel Paul Zelinsky 0142301930
Puss in Boots (Sunburst Book) Fred Marcellino 0312659458
The Five Chinese Brothers (Paperstar) Claire Huchet Bishop 0698113578
Cinderella K.Y. Kraft 1587170043
The Twelve Dancing Princesses Marianna Mayer 0688080510
The Gingerbread Boy Paul Galdone 0547599404
The Three Billy Goats Gruff Paul Galdone 0395288126
The Three Bears Paul Galdone 089919401X
Snow White Paul Heins 0316354511
Hansel and Gretel Rika Lesser 0698114078
Jack and the Beanstalk Steven Kellogg 0688152813
Little Red Riding Hood Trina Schart Hyman 0823406539
The Sleeping Beauty Trina Schart Hyman 0316387088


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