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Break Down the Vision into Objectives for Today

Vision translated into objectives today

Our child waits on us to think about his future for him until such time as he is fully able to take charge. This means acting on opportunities for him today.


Break down the talent vision for your child, your parental vision, as big and blurry a cloud as it may be today, down into smaller objectives that are nearer to earth and that can be concretely reached at an earlier age.

If you sense that your child’s long term talent after the age 0f 18 will have an engineering bent related to it, then you will want to start coming up with intermediate objectives that you can reach by the age of 16 (perhaps finishing Calculus). And in order to reach those objectives by age 16, you will want to set even still smaller goals now for him to reach by age 14 (perhaps participating in local math clubs). When you have reached the age 14 objectives, perhaps new and even better opportunities will emerge by that time that will allow you and your child to come up with more specific long-term talent goals than just vague engineering. Perhaps by age 14, a fascination for how telescopes and microscopes work will have grown to such a point where you both agree that he would do well to now focus more narrowly on the science of optics instead of engineering science in general.

Twaddle Me Some Useless Facts

what is homeschool twaddle

Agree for your children to learn useless facts, but only those that have strategic value that will help keep the social peace within your immediate environment. Do you really need to memorize all the county seat names of your State or country? Probably not, but maybe your old great-grandpa Herman who lives with you is insistent that your children will grow up to be barbarians without a chance to make it in life unless they do. He’s not on the Internet, but he still remembers WWII and that back then they had to memorize that list in boot camp and that proves that it was that kind of toughness that saved civilization. You can waste time on that list, but only because it has strategic value to keep a critical peace – the rest of the stuff is SPAM and you must ruthlessly spend time cutting out the twaddle if your children are going to become great in their talent.