Talent Statement Grows Over Time

Babysitting Jobs Can be Leveraged to Bigger Things

Possible scenario of a Talent Statement that changes and grows over time because the opportunities grew as the child developed her talent:

(age 13 – First 100 hours of talent building) I will photograph children that I babysit. I will share those pictures in a digital scrapbook for the parents with notes and comments about their children. I will use my blogging and basic HTML skills to do it.

(age 15 – at 1,000 hours)  I will photograph landscapes and the children that I babysit while traveling with their families on short weekend getaways. I will blog about nannying children on short getaways. I will give tips on the blog about how to use digital photography and how to be a traveling nanny.

(age 16 – at 3,000 hours) I will vlog about how to travel with children while accompanying families as a nanny on extended vacations or business trips in foreign countries. I will create and sell e-guides for educational games that tutor children of wealthy traveling parents.