Two Reasons Why a Talent Blog is Important for Your Child

Typing BlogYour child should start at least one blog related to a skill he is developing for his talent.

There are two reasons why a talent blog is important:

  1. So your child can learn how to talk in his own voice and personality about his talent.
  2. So your child can demonstrate to others that he is personally engaged and not just mechanically reciting back a list of facts.

By the way if your child has started a talent blog, please feel free to post the link below so I can leave him his first few encouraging comments.



  1. Jessica, thanks for sharing your daughter’s blog. What catches my attention is not even so much the cupcakes, but that the cupcakes are a wonderful vehicle to practice hospitality. Have you considered using those same skills to practice meal sharing for sick people at church for example? There are several free online meal-sharing tools for church events that your daughter could learn how to use and that would start teaching her how to manage and coordinate with others using.

    Love following you and your family on IG, by the way!

    Best wishes,

  2. My daughter is 10 and began a cupcake club with 2 of her friends. She dreams of owning a bakery and her focus is on baking vegan treats for people with food sensitivities like herself. She has perfected a chocolate gluten free vegan cupcake.

    Her club bakes monthly and chooses a group in the community to give the treats to. So far they have donated to the VFW, the senior center, the main fire station and the animal shelter.

    Her blog is