Use History Study Time for Building Talent

Historical Poem Example for History Study of Napoleonic era if Poetry is the chosen talent to develop

Make your standard history study time serve hours of building up your child’s chosen talent focus:

  1. If music is talent focus, then study composers of the Napoleonic era
  2. If chemistry is talent focus, then study scientific theories of the Napoleonic era
  3. If poetry is talent focus, then study children songs and poems of the Napoleonic era

Do NOT just go through the motions memorizing the standard historical timeline without connecting it to the historical roots of your child’s talent.


  1. Totally agree. Got fired from a public school for teaching like this! :-/ Now I am a SAHM and homeschool my own kids – their loss is my kids’ gain! God has a plan for us – def didn’t see it then but now I do! *Two thumbs up* !!!

    • How many times does it happen that God shows us something much better about what we are to do or how we are to live, but we feel it can only have lasting meaning if others would only get it too? Then when you are forced to only do it for yourself, you sometimes feel guilty for secretly living the good life on the sly 🙂 God has a way of saving the best wine for last.

      Amanda, liked your Gravatar profile!