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I chose to name this website (short for “10,000 hours of talent”) after being inspired by the book “Talent Is Overrated” by Geoff Colvin. In summary, the author makes the case that individuals who have been known for amazing levels of performance in their respective fields of interest were able to perform to such breathtaking levels because of tens of thousands of hours of practice.

The various studies appear to show that despite the presence of talent at an early age in some children, it wasn’t natural-born talent that predicted future outstanding performance. Mature, world-class performance was instead predicted by deliberately practicing with focused intention for approximately 10,000 hours. Deliberate practice was defined as not necessarily practicing on the end-skill directly (such as playing football), but planning, practicing and training on all the individual components (such as specific strength or speed training exercises for a football player) that will eventually come together to produce what appears to others as magical, effortless talent.