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Everything is Up for Being Hacked, Even Education

“Hackschooling makes me happy” by Logan LaPlante

Some of my favorite excerpts of this boy’s speech are:

everything is up for being hacked…even education

I take advantage of opportunities in my community and through a network of my friends and family. I take advantage of opportunities to experience what I am learning.

I’m not afraid to look for shortcuts or hacks to get a better or faster result. It’s like a remix or a mash-up of learning: flexible, opportunistic,…

It’s a mindset, not a system.

I didn’t use to like to write because my teachers made me write about butterflies and rainbow and I wanted to write about skiing.

I got to write through my experiences and my interest while connecting with great speakers from around the nation. And that sparked my love for writing.

I realized that once you are motivated to lean something, you can get a lot done in a short amount of time and on your own.

Inspired me to one day have my own business

So I got an internship

Happy healthy creative

This is where I am really happy: Powder days. It’s a good metaphor for my life, my education, my hackschooling. If everyone skied this mountain like most people think of education, everyone would be skiing the same line, probably the safest and most of the powder would go untouched. I look at this and see a thousand possibilities…Skiing to me is freedom and so is my education. It’s about being creative, doing things differently…among my very best friends.


Sneak Peek for Videos to Blog to Your Talent

Peeping Afgan girls

Free videos for you from the e-course “Blog to Your Talent” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Click on this sneak peek link to see the videos that accompany the e-course “Blog to Your Talent.” Check it out now before it is removed.

No need to buy the whole e-course if all your child needs is some inspiration to get him going. This is how you can get the talented child in your house to build his portfolio for viewing on the World Wide Web. Enjoy!



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